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I didn't think I was infertile but I was made aware that when I was putting all this weight on that unless my weight is manage, the chances get smaller and smaller to conceive. I'd literally just opened a speeding ticket and the doctors were like you need to come in.I wasn't very happy about that." Chanelle found out she was pregnant when doctors carried out routine blood tests to find out why she wasn't having a period but her boyfriend Ryan didn't believe her when she told him they were having a baby - their first child - together. Following her break up with her then boyfriend Jack Tweed, she started her relationship with Josh Singleton which ultimately failed, as expected.This hot model has a great number of followers on social media and she often posts feeds and photos for her fans to see. " Chanelle announced her pregnancy back in March and admitted at the time that her baby news came as a huge surprise because the doctors had previously warned her that she may struggling to conceive because of her weight.She explained: "I didn't have a period since may last year. I have polycystic ovary syndrome anyway so I've always known about that.Hayes has expressed her love for movies and wants to act in one if she gets a chance.Regarding the character for a potential husband, she has stated that he must be supportive of her and love her unconditionally.

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(sic)" The 29-year-old beauty had been dating Ryan for 18 months after they met on Tinder - and, at the time, she couldn't praise him enough for being the "perfect" boyfriend.Chanelle Hayes The former 'Big Brother' star - who already has six-year-old son Blakely with her former partner Matthew Bates - has taken to her Twitter account to announce that her partner Ryan Oates had decided to leave her and their nine-week-old son Frankie.She wrote: "We've not split up, he has walked out on me. I moved an hour away from family and friends to be with him so a bit unfortunate.She is also an accomplished singer and a recognized model in the industry.Once, Chanelle had become center of the news due to her mass weight gain.

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