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They all drive around in cars thinking about how sad and angry they are until the credits roll while Sharon Van Etten sings a song about everything is changing, even though exactly one thing of importance happened in the last hour.ended on an almighty cliffhanger after a shock twist that saw Cillian Murphy's Tommy Shelby reveal that the family were to be arrested. Thankfully, we're not only going to be heading back to Birmingham for a fourth season, but also a The new series begins on Wednesday, November 15 at 9pm on BBC Two.Yes, this is episode where Rick becomes The Leader once more, supposedly because he is so .The show really needs us to believe this, which is why they've recruited Daryl and Carol – probably the two most solid members of the group – to get up during the last two episodes and give speeches about how great Rick was.

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Cillian Murphy confirmed at the start of this year that The last series finished shooting back in January 2016 and screened at the start of May, suggesting that the new series could be with us in the last quarter of 2017."I'm very, very excited because I'm just completing episode six of series four, which again I think is the best yet," he said.

AMC's The Walking Dead returns for a terrifying and exhilarating new season.

In this post-apocalyptic world, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his band of survivors continue their ongoing struggle to survive the threat of walkers as well as the dangers that lurk among the living.

You may remember Rick's complete absence of leadership in the first season, as he led his crew on a haphazard and occasionally lethal journey to Somewhere, I Guess.

Or his bumbling leadership at the farm, where he repeatedly failed to make decisions until they escalated into dangerous situations; not only did he refuse to kill Shane until long after he became an significant threat to the group, but he saved Randall, a member of a brutal rival gang, rather than leaving him to die – changed his mind and decided not to kill him, at least until someone else finally killed him. This dithering isn't just a phenomenon of the earlier season; he makes the exact same mistake at the end of Season 3, agreeing to a deal with the Governor that trades Michonne for the safety of everyone else in the prison, before changing his mind and deciding to do it – but not before someone else follows through.

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