Updating fedora using yum

Please take a look at the following table, then continue with the instruction.Note − When files should be accessible for reading in a directory, it is common to apply read and execute permissions.When applying permissions, there are two concepts to understand − When assigning permissions using the octal method, use a 3 byte number such as: 760.The number 760 translates into: Owner: rwx; Group: rw; Other (or world) no permissions.Unique among business class Linux distributions, Cent OS stays true to the open-source nature that Linux was founded on.The first Linux kernel was developed by a college student at the University of Helsinki (Linus Torvalds) and combined with the GNU utilities founded and promoted by Richard Stallman.If permissions are incorrect, the end result will be both sensitive data and the entire operating system will be compromised.

Cent OS has quickly become one of the most prolific server platforms in the world.For example, if an administrator wants a listing of all the current users on a system, the following chained commands can be used to get a list of all system users.On execution of the command, the users are on the system are listed in an alphabetical order.Now you might wonder, what is wrong with always re-assigning permissions?Imagine a large directory structure, for example /var/www/ on a production web-server.

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