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Skype is a great collaborative tool for people, like podcasters who can't be in the same room.

Or journalists who don't want a fancy phone setup for recording calls.

Or politicians who need records for future blackmail.

In the Android version (4.9), click the Plus button to send a file, photo, or, naturally, a video message.

You can still video chat, text chat, and send files back and forth while sharing.

Sending files via email can be limited by their size—even Gmail limits attachment totals to 25 Megabytes. Nor is there a limit to the number of files you can send. You can send files with Android, but not via i OS; that's a limitation of the OS, not Skype's fault.

But Skype doesn't let you access both at the same time. For some extra security, make sure the account is set only to answer calls from people in the contact list, and that your first account is that only contact listed.

For extra stealth, go into Sounds and make sure the "ringtone" and "hang up" are unchecked.

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