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Buy Now 900 pounds, and it can pretty much be towed by a dude riding a bicycle eating a Power Bar. Also, there’s a pop-up roof so tall people won’t hit their heads that much.Even better, ii fits in the garage when you’re not out exploring the countryside. That said, thanks to a large front vista window (with a pleated privacy shade), extra-wide doors, and a bed that converts into a couch, the trailer feels much larger than it seems.I’d go to the public restroom next to the pool or the dining hall bathroom.Essentially, I hid in the bathrooms when I was too lazy to do zumba.”— Rachel, 24 “My nine-year-old camper took a shit on the floor and I had to clean it up.The company’s goal is to build “lightweight, affordable trailers to help people experience the outdoors.” While they’re custom made, buyers begin by choosing from one of four default sizes (4’x8′ to 5’x10″) and two styles (either basic or deluxe). Their most basic teardrop rocks an aluminum skinned body, 14-inch wheels, dual windows, and 12-volt interior lights.From there you can trick it out with everything from a memory foam queen mattress, A/C, and solar panels, to a roof rack, television, and dual awnings. It sleeps two comfortably, has wrap-around seating (with storage underneath), and comes loaded with amenties like a galley, hanging closet, Porta potty, and ice box.

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There’s plenty about this retro-styled fiberglass beauty to make you happy ⏤ including solar power, a rooftop A/C, and full-sized rear hatch ⏤ but the coolest feature has to be the LEGO-like modular interior.I was so embarrassed." — Claudia, 19 “I sold flavored water to boys in my division for a pop." — Tommy, 18 “During movie night I snuck off into the staff parking lot with a girl.I was in the middle of getting a blowjob when a car pulled up and flashed its lights on me, and I got chased down by a counselor.” —Logan, 19 “I used to hide in the strangest, farthest places to get out of doing activities.Everyone thinks we’re a nut free camp now because of allergies, but actually it’s because campers used to run an underground peanut butter black market.” — Rachel, 24 “I busted a testicle when I was 12 because someone thought it’d be funny to punch me in the nuts.None of the counselors did anything about it.” —Nick, 21 “When I was a camper my mom would send me laxatives if I didn't lose weight." — Kelsey, 20 “I used to trade clothes with my bunkmate for bags of candy and ritz bitz." — Ryan, 22 “The assistant head of camp caught me having sex in the golf shed on my last day of camp.

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