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The Coalition has resisted calls to make PSHE a compulsory subject but has endorsed guidance produced by a number of charities designed to improve standards in the subject.

One online guide has been produced by the sexual health and advice service Brook alongside the PSHE Association and the Sex Education Forum.

It also says that “choosing not to be sexually active” is a “green behaviour”.

The move was questioned by the chairman of the Commons Education Select Committee.

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For 13- to 17-year-olds, normal behaviour includes taking an interest in pornography, having sexually explicit conversations, using the internet to chat online and consenting to oral or penetrative sex with the same or opposite gender.

"What we want is children to develop healthy and safe relationships and it's really important that teachers are provided with the necessary training in order to do that." Mr Hayman insisted that all resources that the PSHE Association produced were clear that teaching about sex education should be within the law.

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The topic is also included in mandatory secondary school biology lessons.Green behaviours for 13- to 17-year-olds include “having sexual or non-sexual relationships”, "sexual activity including hugging, kissing, holding hands", “interest in erotica/pornography”, “use of internet/e-media to chat online” and “consenting oral and/or penetrative sex with others of the same or opposite gender who are of similar age and developmental ability”.It also emphasises that “choosing not to be sexually active” is a normal part of growing up.Speaking after the hearing, Norman Wells, director of the Family Education Trust, attacked the guide, claiming it encouraged teachers to give “positive feedback to young teenagers who are sexually active”.He urged the Df E to distance itself from the publication, adding: "The whole reason for having an age of consent is to protect young people from abuse, exploitation and other damaging consequences of early sexual activity.

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