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___________________________________________________Payment and Refund Policy: I would prefer payment in full by the time of the project’s start.Alternatively, you can pay a portion to reserve your spot in line if I can’t get to your order right away.Paypal is the preferred method of payment for online orders (I will send you an invoice if I take on a contract with you), but if we meet in person at a convention, then we can do cash/credit/debit. If at the initial revision stage it is decided that things are not going to go the way you had in mind, a partial refund will be sent to you, allowing a minimum of - to myself for the sketchwork done, depending on complexity and completion of the sketches sent.In this case, I will draft and send an email to you as a record of payment. If you paid in advance and work has not been started yet, a full refund will be returned to you if you decide you no longer want the commission or if circumstances prevent me from giving your project the necessary time._____________________________________________Copyright and Intent to Sell Completed Work I’ve been drawing all my life and selling my works at fan conventions since 2006, and very recently I discovered that I could quit my day job of 9 years and support my family on just art income alone.This may slow your commission down by another 2-4 weeks depending on what I've got on my plate.If you have a very strict deadline for your commission, let me know before work begins!It's a formidable wall of text, but we felt it was necessary to make sure both parties know what's expected of each other before committing!

And if you haven’t already, I urge you to peruse my galleries here on the website to see what kind of subject matter I typically deal in!

If you do need to request an emergency change after the initial sketch period, I’ll do my best to accommodate you at no charge.

But if you continue to request more changes later on into the inking and painting phase, I will have to request additional payment for the added workload before continuing. Commercial Use Fee, or Transferral of Copyright If the work you commission is intended for commercial use and not for private enjoyment, or if you choose to own the copyright, an additional fee will be added on.

For example, adding in a small pet cat would not necessarily be a full price character add-on, unless the cat features prominently--such as being very large in comparison with other characters on the page. Photorealism Fee While it is very time and resource intensive, I can produce portraits of you or your friends (or pets) that stay true to whatever photographs you provide me.

As it is sometimes difficult to perfectly nail a person’s exact likeness, there is a surcharge involved with this level of quality.

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