Mens health dating tips

I am 37 and have been masturbating to porn since I was in my early 20's on a regular basis. I only got to look at it at friends' houses off and on until in my teens when i would get a hold of magazines and a few videos.then when getting internet is when the addiction really got out of hand.I didn't notice anything wrong until pretty recently.I've never had problems with getting and staying hard and never had problems with a girl until the last girl I was with a few months ago. when she used her mouth it was ok but when i tried to enter her it went soft.main exercise in this web is squeezing muscle around urethra(kegel) and squeezing perineum. If you can control you breath, you can increase you libido.

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I have been reading here for afew days and was thinking about posting and telling my story but wasn't sure if it was still going because no one posted in a while. around 3 or 4 even from a neighbor boy and it was something that got my attention.I will try and be on the board at least twice a week from now on to help encourage all our brothers who battle this.Guys, I battled this addiction for almost 10 years! If you have any questions, feel free to address me on the forum or send me a private message.I am on my 5th day now of no porn and no masturbation.soon I will be taking a trip overseas to meet a girl that I met online.

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