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The fate of the mills has been a talking point for over a decade.Coun Illingworth explained that a planning brief for the site was created in 2006 but work never got off the ground.Liow said more trains would be added to meet demand.

A total of RM1.41bil has been set aside for the first phase which began in the third quarter of 2016.

A report just signed off by the council’s economy and regeneration team stresses the importance of “investment to bring forward a new sustainable use is required in order to secure the property’s future”.

It adds: “There are many listed buildings in Leeds and the council has a strong track record of working with developers to deliver long term sustainable solutions.“Abbey Mills requires a solution.

The other trains are conventional ones, not electric.

During my recent trip to Hunan, China, I approved the purchase of 22 ETS train coaches which will arrive by 2019 in time for the completion of the KVDT Phase One,” he said.

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