Jewish girl dating italian guy

He would come to the wine bar where I hung out, dressed in his royal-blue coveralls that never showed a bit of grease or grime.

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The other men had seemed to understand that I was a young American student in Rome for a few short months who just wanted to have fun without obligations. At first I simply avoided him by not going to the wine bar for a while.More to the point, have you ever seen how a Jewish man reacts to not being satisfied at a restaurant?(Hint: Not graciously.) They tend to act like they feel lucky that pretty women even want to spend time with them, especially if those pretty women aren’t Jewish.I loosened up in college, but seemed to gravitate to a string of unavailable, uninterested, and unrequited loves.It was as if deep down I held a contempt towards men and sex, and had a complete ineptitude when it came to the rituals of dating.

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