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Here’s TIME’s collection of the 15 websites that most influenced the medium, and why.Emerging generations may someday look back at the late 20th and early 21st centuries as a kind of dividing line: before and after the Internet, and before and after we scrutinized potential dates with a service like But the archetype for anything is influential by default, and that’s certainly true of this, the spark for every website that followed.Still viewable today, the site spotlights features in the DNA of every modern website, including hyperlinks, a site map, an About-style page and contact information.The web, or “world wide web” as we used to say, turns 27 years old on December 20.On that date, nearly three decades ago, British engineer and scientist Tim Berners-Lee launched the world’s first website, running on a Ne XT computer at CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) in Switzerland.The latter’s been around since 1995, an online dating service whose inception in 1993 was originally to distribute online classified ads for newspapers.

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The site remains a popular destination for real estate and job listings in 2017, with more than 60 million monthly U. Its influences extend beyond the web, too: many attribute a significant part of the newspaper industry’s decline to the shift from print ads to online ones.Adobe’s Shockwave and Flash media players were at one point multimedia stars in the ascendant.Who could have known in those early days, that by 2017, a landscape once loomed over by companies like Microsoft (Internet Explorer) and Netscape (Navigator) would fractionalize and give way to totally new players like Google (Chrome)?That notion of melding interesting, obscure or hot button topics with fan communities has proven so popular that it’s lured hundreds of millions of users who generate tens of billions of page views annually, giving rise to a site slogan that plausibly reads “The front page of the internet.” Early Internet sites like MP3kicked off a music-sharing wave that’s culminated in digital platforms like i Tunes and Spotify, but Pandora exemplifies the notion of online streamed tunes with recommendations delivered to taste.Launched in 2000, Pandora let users play songs they knew or from genre categories in a browser, then followed with suggested songs based on shared traits.

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