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I feel that I'm on the verge of completing this work and believe strongly that this revised first chapter must be posted before "Wayward Wife's Punishment" comes to its conclusion. I was born and raised in the great heartland of America by my natural parents who are deeply religious and conservative by nature.My educational credentials consist of a high school diploma and two years in college before dropping out due to lack of finances.Strange as it may seem, my moments of contemplation focused on coincidences. Little did I realize that my harmless hobby would soon take over my life and drive me in directions that I could never have imagined.While in college, I began carrying around a notebook in which I entered the type, time and situation that involved the coincidence. Jill had gotten a part time job a couple of months after we settled down in a fairly decent apartment about a half hour's drive to my job.Be advised that college left an indelible impression on yours truly that manifests itself often in my choice of words.Like most people who are burdened with the need to make a living, there is precious little time left for silent contemplation except for those few minutes one spends on the porcelain throne in the morning or whatever time one's bowels choose to move.Worse yet, upon closer examination I ascertained that it contained a goodly amount of the white stuff, not yet dried out.Part of me went into shock, while the other part said this was going to make a great entry in my notebook of coincidences.

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It's been a delicate, nerve-racking dance for publishers to play the platform game, and it's even caused some rivalries to transform into alliances.

This work still incorporates sex and violence in rather plentiful amounts, but now is dominated by coincidence, the nexus, and brief encounters with the supranatural.

The cast of characters that come and go throughout the story has grown tremendously as well, which may prove to be a challenge to some readers, but is absolutely necessary.

Being a tinkerer by nature, plus my two years of college, allowed me to land a fairly decent job maintaining office equipment and the like in the thriving metropolis of Minneapolis.

On a vacation trip to Arkansas I had the great good fortune to meet, then quickly court and marry a lovely girl by the name of Jill. All that remained was to live happily ever after and leave behind our progeny.

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