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I have to say I really liked how the last book ended, with the villainous witches being captured. Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’ Jill Murphy is a London-born English children's author, best known for The Worst Witch series and the Large Family picture books.

It felt like the story suddenly got more expanded, as though there was something bigger at hand. She has been described as "one of the most engaging writers and illustrators for children in the land."Jill Murphy was born in London and attended the Ursuline Convent in Wimbledon which, together with the boarding school stories she enjoyed reading, provided much of the material and inspiration Miss Cackle's Academy in the The Worst Witch, which she started when she was 15. She put the book on hold as she attended both Chelsea and Croydon Art Schools, but continued to write it whilst living in a village in Togo, West Africa for a year and then whilst working as a nanny back at home.

The Worst Witch stories have become some of the most outstandingly successful titles on the Young Puffin paperback list and have sold more than 3 million copies. She is also well known for her picture books and was commended in the 1980 Kate Greenaway Medal for Peace at Last.

A Quiet Night In was shortlisted for the same medal in 1994.

) but there were hundreds of school stories, so it needed to be different. " and it gave me the idea for a witch's school - so that it was exactly like my school, but with a subtle touch of magic.

My two friends and I used to come home in our dark uniforms, looking very scruffy at the end of the day - my dark plaits sprouting tufts, with lost hair ribbons. All the characters are based on my school friends (and enemies) and teachers." "The characters in “The Worst Witch” are all based on my school days.

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The first five books have been re-released read by Gemma Arterton, and Barbara Flynn has also recorded Worst Witch audio books.She is best known for the very popular Mr and Mrs Large picture books, which detail the domestic chaos of an elephant family.Five Minute's Peace won the 1987 Parents Magazine Best Books for Babies Award, as well as being shortlisted for the 1986 Children's Book Award.Mildred is based on myself when I had plaits so long that I could sit on them!Maud is based on my little best friend, Elizabeth, and all the teachers (both nice and nasty) are based on my schoolteachers.

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