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She returned with a panicked look in her eye, and told me she had something to tell me.“’I went for a poo in your toilet’, she told me ‘and it would not flush.Johannesburg, 26 July 20117 - Have you asked yourself why there's never a Father figure on Date my Family?The collaboration with Ta Fire, Fash Ngobese, Nelisiwe Mwase, Bergie Fresh and Bridget shows you why.Their ruse was foiled when a fellow student caught them in the act Having your own music studio can mean many things: You're creative, you have money to afford all the expensive equipment, and you're probably quite cool.So it's not wonder this Instagram user wanted others to think they had their own.

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With reports of growing racial discord on schools and college campuses across America, one person was caught out trying to engineer tensions by suggesting a student had tried to encourage segregation.

No other details are known at this time,” the statement read.

Loofe’s best friend, Terra Gehrig, said the 24-year-old was going on a second date with Bailey Boswell, a woman she met on Tinder before she disappeared.

For anyone who's ever claimed to have been on the most disastrous date of all time, sit back and feel grateful for the fact that you haven't found yourself half-lodged out a window trying to retrieve the own poop you unceremoniously launched out of it.

That's exactly what happened to an unnamed woman, who - in a series of a unfortunate events - ended up going for a number two at Tinder date Liam Smyth's house and had to be rescued from the scene by actual firefighters. Revealing exactly what happened, 24-year-old Liam revealed on a Go Fund Me page that said girl panicked after discovering the toilet didn't flush and then found herself in a fix when the window wasn't what it first appeared to be. We had a lovely evening, and enjoyed each other’s company very much," he began.

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