Carry walter dating scam online dating gone wrong funny broken

While I don't like that I fell for this scam I do realize that the best way to heal from it is by fighting back. He actually asked for the money over the phone..would call crying and was very upset..first call was that he lost his wallet..story sounded real...second situation involved "his son hurting his knee while swimming in the hotel pool" again this sounded truthful as he told me that his son traveled with him to Malaysia..,500.00 later I realize I have been scammed.

He even sent me his contract document proving that he was working for Patrones Construction. His email is [email protected] international number he is using is 01160133546514. Letters beloe: Hi Gorgeous Joy, Good Morning, how are you, Thanks for taken out time to write me such a beautiful mail on First i must admit you have a beautiful name. when i looked into your eyes i knew u where the one made for me.. I came across thousands of profiles and yours captivated me and I stopped after reading it took my away and I had to stop reading other profiles.

IMHO it´s the best way to start your way out: By (anonymously) posting, you make others aware of this criminal and are likely to help others somewhwre else on the globe.

This is how all big threads have evolved here in fact.

I'm a very passionate and romantic man and not scared to show my affections in private or public.

I am very clean and like seeing things and people clean as well.

I can always treat my woman well and with respect and love and cherish her. I would really appreciate if we are being given the chance to know much about ourselves,and i want you to understand that to live a life i need heartbeat, to have heartbeat i need a heart,to have heart i need happiness, to have happiness i need a friend,and 4 a friend i need U, so please do not let distances be a barrier as i am willingly to relocate just to find a God fearing and loving woman. U ARE THE BEST Friday, July 2, 2010 PM From: This sender is Domain Keys verified "Walter Tony" View contact details To: " Message contains attachments 1 File (1758KB) • MALAYSIA PERMIT AND CONTRACT PAYMENT My Lovely Baby Boo, Baby Boo...

Every time I think about you, it gives me more and more strength with which to carry on my life.RESEARCH YOUR SCAMMER, FIND OUT WHO IS BEHIND THE EMAIL very true I know it refers to your question in t=29501" onclick=";return false; but please try to help us help others by posting the details Myra has outlined above we need, as soon as you feel ready for it.I am not a saint but you should not let your bad side overshadow your good part, we all have bad and good side, but I am more on a good side than the bad side. no matter how it hurt i rather speak the truth and expect complete honesty since i give it. 16th, I enjoy yard work, only mowing the yard is my least favorite chore with regards to the outdoors... May your morning be sunny side up, your afternoon bright too? I know there is a need for a constant communication so i will want us to keep our communication strong for a better relationship, Tell me more about your work also..., I Just Finish downloading my yahoo Messenger here....2nd, I like to be straight forward in whatever thing i do and focus on my target.. 9th, I love the sound of thunderstorm but they also scare me when I’m alone, lol. 12th, My favorite color is Red and Blue 13th, My favorite food is hard to decide because I love food.. it the fastest and easy way of communication when we both online.

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