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Midhurst is a market town servicing its rural hinterland through many small businesses, shops, restaurants and cafes.Its primary economic activities, in terms of employment, are wholesale and retail businesses including motor mechanics, construction, hotels, food and drink and office administration.It derives from the Old English words midd (adjective) or mid (preposition), meaning "in the middle", plus hyrst, "a wooded hill". Ann's Castle dates from about 1120, although the foundations are all that can now be seen. The parish church is the oldest building in Midhurst.The former Parliamentary Constituency of Midhurst is now an electoral ward of the Parliamentary Constituency of Chichester, and has been represented in the House of Commons since 1997 by Andrew Tyrie, Conservative.

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Schools looking for school photographers needing packages should contact the school photographey specialists.The Midhurst Town Council organises a community street party every December, an annual "Midhurst in Bloom" competition, a carnival parade on August Bank Holiday, to coincide with the Grand Finale of the MADhurst Festival (see below), and a "Spring Clean-up" around the town.The council is responsible for the town playground and the town cemetery, and provides grants to various local clubs and organisations.Jump into a world of exciting strategy and party games with our new collection at Hawkin's Bazaar.We've got all of the modern classics that are great to play with friends and family. Jump into a world of exciting strategy and party games with our new collection at Hawkin's Bazaar.

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