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While it’s true that Google Autocomplete will not show “Hillary Clinton Criminal” when searching for “Hillary Clinton Cri,” we couldn’t get Google Autocomplete to label anyone a criminal.

When we searched for the names of various criminals along with the prefix “cri,” we received results for “cricket,” “criminology,” “crisis communication,” and in the case of recently convicted swimmer Brock Turner, no results: Google’s search results also differ than Bing and Yahoo’s when searching for disparaging remarks against other political candidates, such as Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

For instance, when searching for “Bernie Sanders Com” on Google, you’ll get results for “Bernie Sanders commercial,” while Bing and Yahoo provide results related to communism.

“Donald Trump sex” resulted in results about sexist remarks and sex scandals on Bing and Yahoo, while Google returned “Donald Trump Sex And The City”: While Google does offer different search results than its competitors Bing and Yahoo, this is not proof that the search engine is skewing its results in favor of Hillary Clinton — or anybody else.

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If true, this would mean that Google Searches aren’t objectively reflecting what the majority of Internet searches are actually looking for, possibly violating Google’s algorithm.

Instead, we're returning to a pre-Obama state of travel to Cuba in which it needs to be part of a formalized people-to-people exchange program." Piegza has been operating his active tour company since 1995, began Cuban tours 2013, and is fluent in the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)'s requirements for the people-to-people exchange. First of all, they are licensed by the US government.

Piegza says that in the case of his own company, they spent years applying for their license, which then had to be renewed regularly.

However, on June 16, the Trump administration announced renewed restrictions, which will effectively strip away the looser guidelines, leaving the original rules in place, meaning travelers can go to Cuba on licensed tour operators like they did in the past.

"All tourists will have to comply with the formal requirements of a people-to-people exchange," Piegza said.

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